Disneyland while Pregnant; What to expect

The feasibility of touring Disneyland while pregnant

I never thought I would be the type of person that brought their 2 year old child to Disneyland, let alone take their two year old while pregnant. There are a handful of Disneyland pregnancy restrictions that one needs to be aware of before taking the leap and booking something. That isn’t to say you won’t have a great time, it just means you won’t have the same experience as Dad. To find the details on which rides you can and can not ride, check here.

Disneyland pregnancy restrictions

There were a handful of rides that said expectant moms not allowed. I used my judgement and saw that most were because of the type of restraint used. Peter Pan and Snow White had the bar across the lap but they didn’t go down very far; frankly, my son could have slipped out considering the bar was just under his chin.  Since I knew it wasn’t bumpy and I am barely showing anyways, I went. Dumbo didn’t have an issue because they used a seat belt restraint, but Aladdin’s flying carpet was the same ride but with a bar. I could see this bar went much closer to one’s lap and I didn’t want to get hit if the carpet jerked to a stop. The Cars themed looked ok at first and I was considering it, since it reminded me of the Tea Cup ride, but then I saw them spinning close to other and didn’t want to risk it being bumper cars.

Not just the rides

Munchkin wanted to be held an awful lot and refused to settle for his stroller. When we were in long(ish) lines for rides, hubby and I rotated during the line – him taking the bulk of the time – but I refused if the stroller was accessible. I know I shouldn’t be holding anything more than 20 lbs and munchkin is 30 something pounds at this point but no one can tell me that it isn’t safe for a woman to carry her child while pregnant; it doesn’t take an historian or biologist to realize the flaw in that ruling.

He wasn’t afraid of any of the rides that he was able to go on, so we actually went on all of the rides and attractions that didn’t have a height limit.  A few people tried to bring their infants onto some of the same rides and they were denied; lack of height limit doesn’t mean 2 month old newborns are safe to go on, parental judgement is still required. And since strollers were not allowed into the lines or theatres, wearing a baby that can’t walk for 15 minutes at a time is probably the best advice I could give.  We went now because we do not plan on taking a very small child with us next time. We will probably do this again just before we leave Europe, when the baby is 3 years old and munchkin is 6.  Maybe we will go for a Christmas themed weekend and cash in on the free under 3. Daddy can go on the rides with height restrictions, and do baby swap if I want to go too. The playgrounds within the Park was a nice break that we will not be skipping the next time around, although we may need more than 2.5 days to explore the park. We missed a lot of Frontierland, Adventureland, Discoveryland and half of the Studios because one or both of us couldn’t get into it. With that many missed rides, more time will definitely be needed.

Morning sickness seemed to go away for the weekend, maybe because I was too busy to pay attention.  I brought a sleeve of soda crackers with me and made sure I stayed away from trigger foods. I did jump at the opportunity to have salads at lunch and dinner, since caesar and italian dressing in germany is very different than I am used to.

If the weather was warmer, we would have stopped at Parc Asterix on the way out. It is a water park based on the comic book Asterix. There are roller coasters and height restrictions on some of the rides but there are also a number of rides that are open to toddlers. I am not sure when we will be in Paris during the summer again, maybe on our way out – we need to make our way to South Hampton somehow, they didn’t specify how long we could take to get there.

Overall, it was exhausting and a little frustrating but that comes with everything to do with pregnancy and toddlers so I was not too surprised. I had a hard time keeping myself awake on the drive home though.

There aren't too many Disneyland pregnancy restrictions, but there are some and they are for everyone's safety. My experience with a babybelly
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