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Cruising – Lessons Learned

To cruise or not to cruise While we were cruising, I made it a habit of taking notes for anyone who may want to cruise the Atlantic in the future. I was hard pressed...


Option: Queen Mary 2

Flying across the Atlantic or cruise? When we were told that taking the Queen Mary 2 was an option for our posting transportation, we jumped at the chance. If you are not familiar, military...

passports, passports, passports 0

passports, passports, passports

Did I mention passports are important Making sure you have all of the necessary items in your check bag and carry on before handing your house over to the movers, change of address is...

Spring cleaning 0

Spring cleaning

Garbage or storage? Since Europe has different power standards than here in North America, I am left with the grueling task of cleaning out the house. Spring cleaning has never been to epic. I...

Detox from work 0

Detox from work

Working is like a drug; cold turkey is never advisable. I work 44 hours per week and another few hours from home; writing schedules, answering questions via text and just plain worrying about stats...