Cruising  lessons  learned  for  next  time

Cruising lessons for next time

– If baby needs a nap, I don’t suggest you cruise. Your day still revolves around baby, included daycare or not.

– if baby isn’t potty trained, for the daytime at least, I don’t suggest you cruise. Diapers take a lot of room in luggage, the ship only sells wipes, not diapers, and pools don’t allow for non-potty trained children. Saved half a bag of luggage.

– Ask about private nanny/ baby sitter programs. We didn’t. We should have.

– if car seat not available for rental, try to sell itl used and purchase new one on day one of destination. There goes the first piece first of unnecessary luggage.

– be realistic, does a women really need 8 pairs of shoes? I only wore my flip flops, hiking sandals, and heals. I wore my flats once because I didn’t want to wear heals on ‘informal’ day. Don’t get me started about the other shoes I brought and have yet to wear.

– while a rolling carry on is cute to watch the kids use, it’s exhausting if they are exhausted. Pack it light. Better yet, go for the kiddy back pack; if they won’t wear it, parents can. That way, your not balancing a rolling carry-on on top of your own carry on.

– Walkie talkies will be a definite discussion for communication. Maybe bring a few, not too expensive. Give them to one member of each family you care to reconnect with on the cruise … But don’t be creepy.

– look at pictures before deciding on how many rooms you want to book; Brookfield won’t allow for upgrades but they will give extra rooms for children, two extra if they are opposite gender. Not sure if I want my 6 year old to have a room on his own, but it’s available… Turns sleeping alone ?!

– bring more than one swim suit; if financially possible, have more then one gentleman’s suit; have enough dresses and men’s shirts for a different one each evening – there are enough pictures being taken that you want to wear something different night.

– once we had all of our luggage in our room, I took out 8 outfits for myself and 10 outfits for the munchkin – messy days, just incase. This way, it eliminates the need to get into my luggage from under the bed. Once laundry was finished, I placed the clean clothes in a pile on the shelf in the closest and I will return them to my luggage the night before we arrive.

– divide medicine bags into cruise required and apartment required. I need sunscreen, aloe Vera for when I forget the sunscreen, tooth brush and tooth paste, day to day medications, jewelry and make up. Shampoo, soap, Benadryl etc can be left in the luggage. Like a hotel, they have extras of that and it is refilled each night.

– have a variety of TV shows and games on your tablet that can be viewed offline; there is nothing worst then listening the same movie every night.

Feel free to add any lessons you have learned in the comment section below

Christine Leger is the founder of Tapped Out Travellers, a Family Travel Blog About Travel with Kids. We explore travelling on a budget, splurging on bucket-list travel opportunities along the way. Although Canadian, she currently lives in Germany.

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