Little day trip to be repeated; Maastricht

One morning, the husband woke up and said “hey, lets go somewhere today”. We looked at a map, found Maastricht was only an hour away, so we packed the car and hit the road.

The city wall used to wrap around the city, now only parts of it remain. There were a few ruins not far from this. Walking along the streets, following the signs that take us to Vrijthof, we had a nice Sunday stroll.
The bus, photographed below, is actually a solar powered tour bus. We didn’t plan on staying that long but it was definitely something to see. The coloured statues in the Vrijthof represent the cities love/tradition of Carnivals.

After lunch, we walked towards the shore via town square (lots of squares in Europe). Town hall was smack in the middle of the square, and it was busy too – the Netherlands allow for Sunday shopping, only starting at noon like North America. On the way to the shore from the square, we saw escalators and an elevator going down, under the streets. We definitely had to look twice; we didn’t realize the city was growing underground.  It wasn’t anything special that we saw, but then again the munchkin was getting antsy.

We found our way to Saint Servaasbridge on the way back to the car; there was also a  river cruise loading as we walked by. The trail led us to the other side of the city walls that we passed on the way in, where we found canons, air vent and large fountain. Munchkin and husband had a great time standing on the vent, letting the warm air blow in their faces and up their shirts. Passer-byers had seen some teenagers playing but once the toddler jumped on and starting laughing, only the way toddlers can, they all stopped and watched him.

Just like Aachen, Maastricht is only 1.5 hours away from our house. We didn’t mind not going inside everything, or even making it to the caves and windmill. We will visit again when friends and family come to Germany.

Christine Leger is the founder of Tapped Out Travellers, a Family Travel Blog About Travel with Kids. We explore travelling on a budget, splurging on bucket-list travel opportunities along the way. Although Canadian, she currently lives in Germany.

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