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Pumpkin festival and apple picking filled our busy weekend. Now we have carved pumkpins, apple pie and a new apfelringe recipe for next weekend. Never dull! 2

Fall festivals

Pumpkin festival and apple picking filled weekend We had quite a busy weekend last week. Pumpkin festival, or Kürbisfest in German, was Saturday, and the apple festival over at apfelparadise was Sunday. We have gone...


Driving with baby

Driving with a baby that hates to drive As many of my friends can attest, baby girl HATES the car. This is completely due to the fact that she is almost never in it. We...


Top child friendly TV at any age

Yes Diego. No Dora Every once in a while there comes a time when TV is your best friend, and ultimately your child’s babysitter. Trying to cook dinner while daddy is working late and...


3 year check up

What to expect       Since I have never had a 3 year old in Canada, I am not sure what the check up looks like. All I know is that the German...



Get them! With the recent outbreaks in the USA, and now in Canada, I have been a little more concerned with my sons vaccination schedule than usual. I have recently learned that there are...


Potty training recap

Potty time! So far, potty training has been interesting and full of surprises. Munchkin tends to be too focused on his shows, or his toys or just mischief to remember to go pee. I...