Ottawa Relocation – House Hunting Trip Travel – Fail, “Worst Episode ever”

What can go wrong, CAN go wrong. We all read the stories of those perfect trips. For some, nothing "Ever" goes wrong. For us, we have finally reached our statistical threshold and experienced a worst-case travel scenario. This is a story of when a House Hunting Trip goes wrong. Successful but wrong, there is a difference. Everyone has that [...]

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Long Term Packing ‘Quick Guide’ for 30 Days in a Hotel

Long-Term Packing | Hotel Living When moving across Canada or within a province, the common thing many consider is what clothes will we pack. The long-range forecast is often our main resource. However, it is so important to consider all the aspects of that move and the essential items that should be on your long-term packing list. In [...]

Unlikely things to miss about Canada

It's been 4 long years that we have lived in Germany, and while I will miss my new home incredibly, there is nothing like being back on Canadian soil. I didn't even realize how much I missed Canada until we were visiting in April, to find a house at our new location. There are a handful of quirks, [...]

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Regalo My Travel Cot – Review

Regalo My Travel Cot Lots drop some Travel Cot Details! The Regalo My Cot child size portable travel cot is super for sleepovers, camping, vacation, and daycare. The Portable Bed durable all steel constructed frame has a reinforced canvas bed liner and washable matching sheet. This is the perfect cot for sleepovers, outings, traveling, camping, day [...]

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