Free Things To Do in Prague with Kids

Prague is known as the Golden City and always seemed so photogenic and felt like it belonged in fairy tale books. We really enjoyed the few days we spent here over Christmas break. Its architecture, cobble-stoned streets, friendly locals, history and the colorful city has made it one of our favorite European cities. We found Prague to […]


Exploring the Apple Museum in Prague

The Apple Museum is a tribute to a brilliant visionary who wanted and was able to change the world. It allows you to closely explore Steve Jobs’s revolutionary milestones in the world of modern technology, inspired by the fascinating story of the most successful company in human history. Apple’s Museum and Products is the world’s largest private […]


What to do if your airline goes bust

While relatively rare, Airline bankruptcy is a real problem and can mark the end of someones life savings. Of the myriad of Discount Airlines around the world, because there are a lot (so says Wikipedia), there are far fewer budget airlines that have gone belly-up. Fewer still that left passengers stranded without a hope of […]


Canada’s National Museums Passport

Experience Culture in the Capital – 3 Museums in 3 Days! As Canada’s capital, Ottawa has a substantial amount of history and culture that can captivate a new tourist or even the most experienced traveller. The myriad of museums and galleries offer a glimpse into everything from Canada’s social and military history, to buildings that […]


22 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Canada

Canadians might not be an easily offended bunch, but these 20+ things are guaranteed to rub us the wrong way. Here's what you can't say to a Canadian.

Canadians might not be an easily offended bunch, but these 20+ things are guaranteed to rub us the wrong way. Here’s what tourists should Never do in Canada. Don’t assume that Toronto is the capital city. Just because the only two cities you know are Toronto and Montreal, and sometimes Calgary, that doesn’t mean one […]


6 Things You Must Do If You Ever Visit England

England is a country with a rich history and impressive culture. For some, it may just be another destination to tick off from their bucket list. But what lies underneath the lovely Baroque English houses, Georgian architecture, and Victorian-inspired infrastructures is the land cultivated by historical people whom we now look up to until today. […]

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