25 Ways to be a Sustainable Traveller

Why is sustainable travel important Travellers have more places to go and more ways to get there than ever before, and with that comes an even greater responsibility to safeguard the world’s cultural and natural treasures for future generations. The environment is obviously important to tourism. Both the natural environment (such as beaches, forests, waterways) and the built environment (such as historic [...]

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Ottawa Relocation – House Hunting Trip Travel – Fail, “Worst Episode ever”

What can go wrong, CAN go wrong. We all read the stories of those perfect trips. For some, nothing "Ever" goes wrong. For us, we have finally reached our statistical threshold and experienced a worst-case travel scenario. This is a story of when a House Hunting Trip goes wrong. Successful but wrong, there is a difference. Everyone has that [...]

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Long Term Packing ‘Quick Guide’ for 30 Days in a Hotel

Long-Term Packing | Hotel Living When moving across Canada or within a province, the common thing many consider is what clothes will we pack. The long-range forecast is often our main resource. However, it is so important to consider all the aspects of that move and the essential items that should be on your long-term packing list. In [...]