Conquering Spain on a budget – with kids

When it comes to a summer holiday with children, there is probably not a better place on the planet than southern Spain. Ok….Disney World in Orlando and Euro Disney in Paris may have more appeal to the little ones, but have you seen how much it costs? A family holiday in the south of Spain […]


2018 in a Nutshell

What does it mean to be back in Canada After being gone for 4 years, suddenly being back has been a bit of a shock. While adjusting to life in Germany could easily be described as Culture Shock, romanticizing your home and suddenly being thrown back in and acknowledging that your country has moved on […]


Afternoon Tea at Chateau Laurier

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting my mom in Ottawa as the first house-guest since we moved to Ottawa. We took this opportunity to get our daughter’s ears pierced and celebrate with High Tea. We have never been to High Tea while in Europe. It really is a British thing and we hadn’t […]

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