24 01, 2018

How To Find Cheap Accommodations For Families

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The idea of How To Find Cheap Accommodations for traveling families is not a new question, but it is becoming increasingly hard to find with prices increasing and international tourism slowly working its way out of the hands of the average family. Here is how to find cheap hotels with the kids in mind.

1 12, 2017

Tips for Traveling in Europe with Kids

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Kids have a mind of their own on the best of days. Planning a successful vacation with the children doesn't have to be painful or expensive when their needs are taken into consideration and certain accommodations are made. Speaking from years of experience, here are some great tips on how to successfully travel in Europe with kids

18 11, 2017

Lose Your Passport Abroad? What to Do

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We all have that friend; the one that would lose their head if it weren't screwed on tight. That friend that misplaces things and still can't manage to learn their lesson. And sometimes that friendĀ goes on vacation and manages to lose their wallet and travel documents while daydreaming of spending the day on the beach soaking up the rays. So what happens if you lose your passport in another country?