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What to do if your airline goes bust

While relatively rare, Airline bankruptcy is a real problem and can mark the end of someones life savings. Of the myriad of Discount Airlines around the world, because there are a lot (so says Wikipedia), there are far fewer budget airlines that have gone belly-up. Fewer still that left passengers stranded without hope of repatriation. […]


Conquering Spain on a budget – with kids

When it comes to a summer holiday with children, there is probably not a better place on the planet than southern Spain. Ok….Disney World in Orlando and Euro Disney in Paris may have more appeal to the little ones, but have you seen how much it costs? A family holiday in the south of Spain […]


10 Great Gift Ideas for that Hard to Shop for Traveler in Your Life

If you are anything like me, you hate buying throw-away gifts for others. Something completely useless and thoughtless, that you might as well have not bought them anything at all. Why did a bottle of wine suddenly become unacceptable as a present? There will undoubtedly be hard-to-buy-for people in your life. They have no idea what […]


Long Term Packing ‘Quick Guide’ for 30 Days in a Hotel

Packing for the long haul: When moving to a new country, plenty of research is required to create an effective packing list.

Long-Term Packing | Hotel Living When moving across Canada or within a province, the common thing many consider is what clothes will we pack. The long-range forecast is often our main resource. However, it is so important to consider all the aspects of that move and the essential items that should be on your long-term […]


Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep In a Hotel

Getting a good night’s rest in a hotel is often harder than it should be. The sheets are clean, the pillow is nice and soft but sometimes when we are away from home, no matter how exhausted we are when we head to bed, we still can’t get to sleep. Why is that? Well, to […]

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