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How to prepare for Disneyland Paris with kids

What you should know: Disneyland Paris with kids Disney magic is an epic adventure. Regardless of which Disney property you visit. Disneyland Paris is our latest adventure and our second visit. There is considerable...

We only had 3 days in Disneyland Paris so we wanted to make the most of it. Landing day was a rough start but it could only get better 0

3 days in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris on arrival day   Arriving at Disneyland Paris late in the evening is never a good idea. Especially for a die-hard Disney fan. We left the house after hubby walked in at...

Parks can be daunting. Bringing a small child only compounds the stress and frustration. These theme park tips and tricks will help with that 19

Theme Park | Tips & Tricks

SO many questions While you may have decided to visit a theme park, like Disneyland or Universal Studios, there are a lot of things one needs to think about bringing a small child. Stroller...

When you have a full day to do whatever you want, it's pretty easy to decide what the Top Disney Attractions are and what to do first 0

Top Disney Attractions for Toddlers

Disneyland Paris on our last day On our final day of Disneyland Paris, we decided to visit our Top Disney Attractions. This meant Munchkin got to pick what he wanted to ride again, and visit...

Our sample Disney with a Toddler Itinerary can be fun and scary at the same time. Be prepared with this sample itinerary for Day 1 0

Disney with a Toddler Itinerary

Planning Disney with a toddler in mind  Planning any vacation can be stressful. Planning a vacation to Disneyland can be stressful. And planning anything with a toddler can seem nearly impossible. What happens when...

There aren't too many Disneyland pregnancy restrictions, but there are some and they are for everyone's safety. My experience with a babybelly 0

Disneyland while Pregnant; What to expect

The feasibility of touring Disneyland while pregnant I never thought I would be the type of person that brought their 2 year old child to Disneyland, let alone take their two year old while...