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Guide to Moving to Germany; a check-list, explanations and resources list to take the worry and stress out of moving to a foreign country. 6

Expat Guide to Moving to Germany

Guide to Moving to Germany Moving is stressful and the to-do list can go on for days. Moving to another country, across the ocean, that speaks another language, that you have never visited before,...


Day to day life

It’s the little things Moving here, we knew there would be a few cultural differences and the language barrier would be more than frustrating. The weather, public transit, day care and grocery stores were...


Adjusting to life in Germany

From day one, we knew that life would be different here in Germany. Adjusting to life in Germany was going to take some time, we knew that; The culture, the language, the expectations of...



Inventory your house! What is staying? What is going? In theory, the idea of inventory is encase the shipping container falls off of the ship. In reality, the loading company had no idea they were...


Cruising – Lessons Learned

To cruise or not to cruise While we were cruising, I made it a habit of taking notes for anyone who may want to cruise the Atlantic in the future. I was hard pressed...