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Every once in a while, you run into a small town that just goes beyond what you had expected; we spent the weekend in Liège with kids. 1

Weekend in Liège with kids

Great start to a long weekend Every once in a while, you run into a small town that just goes beyond what you had expected. I was lucky enough to run into two such...

I wasn't sure what to expect, heading to Efteling Park with kids, but we puttered through, made some memories and don't regret a moment of it. 1

Efteling Park with kids

World’s Oldest Theme Park Efteling Park is one of the world’s oldest theme parks. In May 1935, the creators of Efteling opened a Sport Park. A year later, they added a playground, carousels, pony rides...

Often times, we family travelers get asked how practical and affordable is it to travel with kids. I has assembled a panel of 9 bloggers to help explain. 18

Why I choose to travel with kids

Traveling with kids is not a burden, but an honour I have been a part of the overall travel blogging community for a few months now and I have come across a few unsettling discoveries....


Top 5 distractivities for kids

What is a distractivity anyway? A distractivity is an activity that distracts your little ones from the pain and suffering that is “the waiting game”.  Be it in a line for an attraction at...

Normandy road trip 2

Normandy road trip with kids

Normandy road trip in the Fall Munchkin had a mid-term break ( I know, I fell like he just started the other day but hey, vacation is vacation) and hubby had some left over...

Saint Martin's Day has been celebrated by many communities within Germany since it's inception in the 4th century. But who is Saint Martin and why give candy? 1


SAINT MARTIN’S DAY During our brief two years in Germany, we have witnessed several traditions and holidays that are vastly different than our own. Some we have embraced, like Saint Martin, Christmas Markets and...