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Child’s Guide to Surviving Flying with Parents

Navigating Flying with Parents Hey, kids. Are you flying with parents or other nutty family members? This is your guide to surviving, and maybe enjoying “Travels with Parents”. This guide explores what YOU, the traveling kids, can do that will help you bring the fun stuff your parents will forget to remind you to bring, […]


Tips to help prepare you, mentally, for flying with kids

Find out How to fly with kids with these simple reminders and tips to make the journey less worrisome for you and more entertaining for them

Flying with kids Flying with kids can sound painful to the inexperienced parent. Whether by choice or circumstance, children take short and long haul flights every day and come out the other side in one piece. Parents, on the other hand, I’m not so sure. There are tips and tricks to making it out alive. This […]


You Will Not Believe My Experience Booking KLM With Children

KLM with children Booking and managing your booking with a major airline company shouldn’t be an arduous task. I expect the airlines to work with me in answering my millions of questions, in order to avoid problems at the gate or on the plane. I expect airline representatives on the phone, social media or in […]