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Celebrating St. Martin’s Day in Germany

Saint Martin's Day has been celebrated by many communities within Germany since it's inception in the 4th century. But who is Saint Martin and why give candy?

SAINT MARTIN’S DAY During our brief two years in Germany, we have witnessed several traditions and holidays that are vastly different than our own. Some we have embraced, like Saint Martin, Christmas Markets and Easter tree decorating. Others, we don’t particularly care for, like Karnival – just too much crowds. Halloween is the start of […]


Married-Single mom phenomenon

Every military family will have to deal with deployment at one point in his/her career. While the length of time and deployment location vary from member to member, those left behind all have a familiar story.

The kids will play while the hubby is away Joining today’s chat is Julie, a new mom, fellow military spouse and blogger over at Fab Working Mom Life and Chapter Break; and Candy, a SAHM of 2, military spouse and blogger over at Fullest mom. Every military family will have to deal with deployment at one point […]


Tips for breastfeeding Mums who travel with their kids

Breastfeeding while traveling doesn't have to be scary, stressful or a royal pain. Learn how we adapt and move on, in public or in private

Breastfeeding while traveling Breastfeeding doesn’t take a break just because you are traveling. Baby still requires food, I still require relief and if we are being specific, breastfeeding is the ultimate budget friendly source of nutrients for your growing little one. Breastfeeding while traveling can be a chore, mainly because mom and baby doesn’t have the […]