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Celebrating St. Martin’s Day in Germany

Saint Martin's Day has been celebrated by many communities within Germany since it's inception in the 4th century. But who is Saint Martin and why give candy?

SAINT MARTIN’S DAY During our brief two years in Germany, we have witnessed several traditions and holidays that are vastly different than our own. Some we have embraced, like Saint Martin, Christmas Markets and Easter tree decorating. Others, we don’t particularly care for, like Karnival – just too much crowds. Halloween is the start of […]


How to Climb Mont St. Michel with a Baby

Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel It’s no secret that the historic and famous island of Mont St Michel is all stairs. There were a handful of inclines but for the most part, just stairs, stairs and more stairs, until you reached the Abbey at the very top. So before we even arrived at the site, there were […]


Top Tips to Help You Stick to a Hotel Bedtime Routine with Kids

How to Succeed in the Hotel Bedtime Routine As every blogger, magazine and the good sensed traveller will tell you, always book accommodations with separate rooms! Keep the vacation routine as much the same as home routine and all will be well with the kids Hotel Bedtime Routine. If this were true, it wouldn’t be much […]


Touring Lake Geneva with kids

Family road trip to snow Like any good budget traveller, when we found out that we had an opportunity to spend a week in  Switzerland at a discounted price, we jumped on it. We didn’t actually expect to win, but we did. This is when stuff got real. I hadn’t researched much on Switzerland before […]

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