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Visit Neanderthal Museum on Your Trip Mettmann, Germany

Neanderthal Museum When we first moved here 2 years ago, I took to Google Maps and saved ⭐ a few places we could visit on the weekends. Things nearby right, explore your own backyard. When I saw the name ‘Neanderthal’ appear on my screen, I nearly lost my mind. I was living 20 minutes from the very site […]


Our Travel Guide to 48 Hours in Berlin

48 hours in the German capital Berlin, including travel time, with 3 under 4 years old, 6 adults and one working cell phone. Let the games Begin!

Berlin | Party of 9       The road to Berlin. The whole family visited for Christmas; traveling 6200 km for an exorbitant amount of money. This increased the population of my house from four to nine for 7 days, I was determined to make it special. Our schedule gave us 3 days to visit a city to include […]


4 Steps to Getting Baby her Canadian Citizenship

The last thing you want to do is fumble over paperwork when trying to adjust to life with a new baby, in a new country. My lessons on getting citizenship.

Birthing isn’t the only thing that you need to plan When we first moved to Germany, we had decided not to have more children. Luck had it that while we were having this discussion, I was already 3 weeks pregnant and didn’t know it. Shortly thereafter, when the initial shock wore off, we started looking into […]


A Day in the Life: Living in Germany

A day in the life; Germany

What’s it like to live in Germany When we arrived in Germany, we knew there would be a few cultural differences and the language barrier would be a challenge. There are very few words that English and German have in common, and their sentence structure (and word formation) might as well be Ancient Egyptian to […]

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