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Professional Knives Factory Outlet

We have been looking for high-quality culinary knives since we moved in together 8 years ago. Finally, we had a kitchen and took out the dusty knives that have been packed in his locker for years, and realized that we love to cook way more than these knives are capable of producing. We have been on the hunt for professional knives ever since.

When we finally arrived in Europe, we realized that a whole new market had just opened up for our search. Keep in mind, we are also cheap, we are not interested in paying  ridiculously high  prices for these knives; neither one of us want them that badly.

While we were in Brussels, we found a store that sold high end knives for a lot less than expected. He was offering a 15% for cash and we had just dropped a lot of money that day so we needed to think about it, and find a bank machine. By the time we decided and made our way to his store, he was closed and didn’t open until 11am the next morning; we wanted to be in Mini-Europe and heading home by then, so we called it a night. Monday evening we find that these knives are actually made 30 minutes from our house, in Solingen, Germany. We discovered through google that at the factory they have a factory outlet. They didn’t advertise any prices, just location and hours of operation.

We drove down to the factory which contained the outlet store. We discover that they sell factory seconds. They are cash only, which was to be expected. The bottom three knives (The paring knife, Bread knife, and Chef’s Knife) and sharpener were $65 cheaper than the regular store price, and the cleaver was $70 less.


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