5 Things Babies Use For Teething Relief

Hilarious things babies have used for teething relief

As every parent knows, teething can be a nightmare. Bring that teething child on vacation and you could have a recipe for disaster. Once you have given them all the pain relievers and chew toys your doctor and mommy-friends have suggested, what else can you do to help your child so far away from home? Sometimes you just need to let your child decide on their own,  what it is that they would like to relieve the discomfort. This is the list of 5 hilarious objects babies have used for teething relief when the traditional methods have failed to comfort them.

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Body Parts; theirs or someone else’s, they don’t discriminate

They have been known for giving bear hugs just to get access to a fresh shoulder. Playing and grabbed my arm just to nibble on an elbow. I even caught him trying to chew my nose, chin, and ears. Apparently, mommy tastes good.


Shopping cart

The handlebar of the shopping cart. That one needed to stop right away; we don’t own a shopping cart fabric cover. I don’t know what it is about hard plastic or metal, that is covered in millions of germs and dirt, but between the handlebar and the chain, it was a losing battle – cry or chew. Recently we have moved to emptying mom’s purse and chewing on the contents of it… which is a little better, I suppose. Many high volume stores offer hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and exits of their stores – try wiping down the handlebar before seating baby, if you don’t have a cover.

Clean Laundry

Finding a laundry facility while on vacation is no easy feat. The last thing you need is to sport a fresh slobber spot on your newly clean clothes. Just like a cat, babies know when you don’t want them to do something and that is the first place they will gravitate to.


Any toy that is not a teething ring or pacifier. This includes wooden blocks, plastic truck, toy piano. Heaven forbid they use a toy for its intended purposes. They also love to chew on bath toys, bath books, board books and stuffies. But won’t take the washcloth from the tub, or any kind of toy that resembles a teether.

Be sure to pack a few of baby’s favorite toys as well as teething toys just in case they are not receptive to the new ones. And don’t forget to wash them often – while plastic toys are easier to wash at the end of the day than stuffies, they may provide the best pain relief because they are so hard. Also, some mummy-friends have found their kids use of hard plastics break the gums sooner than soft chew toys and therefore end the pain that much quicker. To each their own, I suppose.

Timmies cups

When I order coffee, it’s always double cupped and he often asks for the second cup. He doesn’t eat the cup, just gnaws on it for a while.

What does your kid chew on while teething? Let me know in the comments

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