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Strolling Down the Golden Lane in Prague

Golden Lane

Within the confines of the huge Prague Castle complex is an ancient, narrow street with small, colorful houses. Entering Golden Lane (Zlatá ulička) felt like walking into a fairy tale village. The name of the Lane is derived from goldsmiths who used to live there, as can be seen in the house No. 15. In the […]


Free Things To Do in Prague with Kids

Prague is known as the Golden City and always seemed so photogenic and felt like it belonged in fairy tale books. We really enjoyed the few days we spent here over Christmas break. Its architecture, cobble-stoned streets, friendly locals, history and the colourful city has made it one of our favourite European cities. We found Prague to […]


Exploring the Apple Museum in Prague

apple museum prague

The Apple Museum is a tribute to a brilliant visionary who wanted and was able to change the world. It allows you to closely explore Steve Jobs’s revolutionary milestones in the world of modern technology, inspired by the fascinating story of the most successful company in human history. Apple’s Museum and Products is the world’s largest private […]


Lost in Sexy Prague with baby

Prague girls only

Getting lost in Prague may sound like a lot of fun. Add a crying baby, a flustered mom and a cell phone that refuses to give accurate directions, and you have our last day of Winter holidays.