Lost in Sexy Prague with baby

Prague girls only

Girls-only stroll through Prague on our last day.

It was our last day in Prague and I was itching to get the last checks on my bucket list. I still hadn’t explored the other side of the river, the Jewish quarter or visited a Wax Museum. There were signs everywhere for Grevin Wax Museum and online reviews seemed favorable. Of course, because it was our final full day, that meant one of the kids was going to rebel.

This time it was Munchkin’s turn. He wasn’t feeling up to touring today aka was in a super sour mood. Hubby didn’t feel like hearing any of it, so he volunteered to stay in the hotel room and they watched movies all morning. Perfect. I took the Baby girl out for a walk, just the two of us. She loved the idea of going for a walk with mummy and leaving her in the hotel would have defeated the purpose of a calm and quiet movie day.

We only packed the umbrella stroller because the BOB would have taken up way too much room in the trunk of our small car and we didn’t think we would actually use a stroller much. I mean, we didn’t use it the last two times we visited Switzerland and Eastern Europe looked to be more of the same. And it turned out to be the right decision – after 14 days of vacation, this was only the second time the stroller left the trunk.
As we started walking around… Prague turned out to not be umbrella stroller friendly! The cobblestones were just too much for an umbrella stroller! Why didn’t I wear her, you ask? Because I wouldn’t have been able to help her with anything if she was on my back and I have yet to perfect strapping her on and off of my back on my own.







Anyway, we walk to the Old Town Square, enjoyed a Nutella  Trdelnik at the Christmas Market and continued on our way. And we walk some more.

I need to preface this story of Prague with a story about my horrible cell phone. For the last year or so, my cell phone would shut down if it got too cold. It doesn’t even need to be that cold, just a little colder than normal. I have reset it, I have run tests on it. This all started about a week after my warranty expired, Quelle Surprise! So now that I have started bringing a portable battery pack with me, my Google Maps starts to act up. I can search on Google Maps, I can find directions to places I have pinned or addresses that I enter, but I can not open the location to get more information or pin it for later. The app just crashes. I have restarted my phone several times, I have updated my Google Maps App, I have done everything. Why I decided now was a great idea to venture into the city on my own, I have no idea. I did, however, have a paper map in the bottom of my bag, just in case.

Getting lost in Prague. Solo traveling in Prague. Prague with kids. Czech republic. Family travel

After getting turned around a few times, we finally get to the edge of the Jewish quarter. I see the statue and Spanish synagogue and whip out the DSLR hubby packed for me… no SD card! It’s still in the laptop from when he emptied it last night. The extra card? That’s in the camera bag that I left on the hotel bed because I don’t need an extra SD, this one is empty.

Great! Use my cell phone instead.

jewish quarter Prague

The Synagogue has many steps to get inside and the line is quite long to get tickets. So we look around from the outside and keep walking. Now that I have committed to the stroller and convinced Baby Girl to sit with her blanket, I don’t want to be taking her in and out every other building.

We walk and walk, following the crowd and my Google Maps pinned points of the 5 main Jewish locations in this area to visit.

We get to the second location, more stairs. The third location, more tickets. Everything needs a ticket! Wtf! I did not come here expecting to spend more money. And they all require a guided tour, so now I have to wait in line to buy a ticket and then wait for the next available tour. There are also no children in this area – I have a sneaky suspicion that children are either not welcome or the content is not appropriate for their little ears.

The map is giving me grief, so I follow the road signs. Get turned around some more. Follow more road signs, and end up at Charles Bridge. Sure, let’s cross the bridge, I have nothing better to do this morning.

On the other side of the bridge, I learned this is where the Lennon Wall is hiding. Great. Let’s check out the Lennon Wall and see what this is all about. Get us some great Instagram images, have a little photo shoot with my adorable 2 years old, and not be distracted by her brother (who is also adorable, I have to add). We walk down what looks like dead ends, and eventually find a graffitied wall with a ton of people taking pictures in front of it. This must be the place.

Since I didn’t think of this in advance, I didn’t research the significance of the wall before arriving. I was hoping for a plaque, or a poster or something to help me understand what it is that I am seeing. Nothing. Ok, maybe the wall is self-explanatory and that’s why there isn’t anything posted. Nope. Looks like a bunch of graffiti and a tiny picture of John Lennon near the top. I mean, the colors look pretty great but still… it’s graffiti.

Prague Lennon wall

So we stop early for lunch and meet the boys at Subway. It’s near the hotel, and across the street from the Tesco that we had been visiting for the last few days. I tell them it will take us about 30 minutes to get there, they show up roughly 45 minutes later. I am already done my lunch and baby girl has fallen asleep in the stroller.

After lunch, I decide to visit the Grevin Wax museum. They head back to finish a film. I really should have asked for the Baby Carrier but I clearly forgot. I search for the museum, and start walking uphill, with a half asleep baby, in an umbrella stroller, with no head support, on cobblestone streets! This didn’t end well.

Fast forward 30 min of walking in less than ideal temperatures, with a crying baby, and I find myself smack in the middle of sex-town. Every second vendor is a sex shop. There are bars, strip clubs and stores with signs selling absinthe. Where the hell am I!? Not near the museum. It’s way the hell back next to the hotel and Google Maps has just decided to restart and show a new address for the same destination.

Hubby suddenly calls me, laughing, “Where are you? Where have you taken our baby?” We have Find My iPhone in case we lose them, or get lost in the city and need help finding our way back. I head back the way I came and he is just laughing. He can see on his map, all the fun places I have passed in order to get to my current location.

Done! Calling it a night. Head to the hotel and prepare for the Train Restaurant dinner and remember why we never travel with this stupid stroller and why I always insist on a paper map!!

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Getting lost in Prague. Solo traveling in Prague. Prague with kids. Czech republic. Family travel