3 04, 2017

Travel Books for Kids – Paris Edition

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Kids' Paris Travel Books Such a beautiful, fast-paced city with so land landmarks, spread out across such a large area; it would be easy for kids to be overwhelmed with Paris. Kids' Paris Travel Books are meant to prepare them for the concepts they will see in the City of Lights, and hopefully, give them a few tidbits of information to [...]

16 02, 2017

Disneyland Paris Dining : Tapped Out Tips for Meal Plans and Reservations

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Get the most meal for your money When booking your Disneyland Paris or any Disney holiday for that matter, what is the first things they offer? The Disneyland Paris Dining Plan. But what do we really know about the plan? Is it really for you? What is included/excluded, Will you be restricted in where you can eat? All of [...]