Greifensteiner Hof hotel Review – Wurzburg, Germany

Wurzburg hotel review. Family friendly hotel option in Wurzburg Germany. Greifensteiner Hof

The best hotel in Wurzburg

Driving all the way to Nuremberg in one day, while keeping our sanity, was looking more and more impossible as the day grew nearer. Hubby had the great idea of stopping “halfway” in order to give us all a break and ease into this vacation.

This choice was Würzburg and when he said he had picked the perfect hotel, he wasn’t kidding.


Location was perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better hotel.

We missed our turn a few times but the GPS kept telling us to make the next right, so not all was lost. I hate when you miss one turn and you practically have to circle the city to try again. All roads lead to our hotel, apparently.

Once we found it, parking was simple. We checked in, offloaded our gear and made our day pack ready for exploring the city in December. We took one look out of our hotel window and bam! Christmas market! Right there! It was insane

We came back around 7 pm, the kids were getting tired and cold. Hubby helped me bring them upstairs, get them ready for bed and popped back downstairs for a snack.


Everything is walking distance from the hotel. Literally everything. So while we never used public transit, we did see lots of trams and buses drive by us as we walked along the streets, so that’s good news.


We only stayed the one night, but the parking situation was pretty calm. Every car was packed into a little space, double even triple parking. Leave the spare key with the reception and away you go. We parked behind a delivery truck and the next morning, our car was moved to the side street while he unloaded and moved on. It was back in its previous spot when we were done exploring the city.

Side note, they allowed us to leave the car, without additional charge, after we checked out. Since check-in isn’t until 3 pm, I imagine there wasn’t a high demand for our spot at noon.

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The room was great. Or I should say, the rooms were great, plural. Since we booked this the night before, there wasn’t much left in terms of options. We ended up booking two rooms; one with a double bed and one with a single bed. The single room went to the boys and munchkin brought up his cot. I had the double room and co-slept with the baby.

Wurzburg hotel review. Family friendly hotel option in Wurzburg Germany. Greifensteiner Hof

The kids enjoyed having a room to themselves. I enjoyed not being woken up at 5 am and asked every 10minutes if it was 6 o’clock yet. Being alone with the baby meant she could wake when she wanted to. And she didn’t want to until 7 am. Hubby, on the other hand, can sleep through war (whereas the baby is a very sensitive sleeper). Once the munchkin jumped up at 5 am, he was handed a tablet and all was good in that room. Perfect accommodation scenario to start off the vacation.


Breakfast was cute. It is not included on the reservation but since we didn’t want to hunt down a cafe on Monday morning, we added it to the bill.

Regular breakfast options such as eggs, bacon, yogurt, juice, and breads were served. The kids got to pick it out themselves and they were happy with their choices. They each grabbed an apple on the way out, for a snack later. Who can say no to that?

Bottom line

This hotel is by far, my absolute favorite Christmas market hotel. It was so easy to get to by car, and the location itself is perfect for walking around the city. Just amazing.

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Wurzburg hotel review. Family friendly hotel option in Wurzburg Germany. Greifensteiner Hof