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Travel Guide: Dusseldorf with Kids

For a fairly small city, there’s plenty more than you could imagine to eat, drink and visit. Here’s a quick guide to must-see Düsseldorf! Where to stay, where to eat and things to do with kids


10 Things to do in Dusseldorf with Kids

If you are just moving into the area, stretching your legs during a layover or making a weekend of it, Dusseldorf has a little something for everyone. Of all the amazing things to see and do, let alone eat and drink (because there is a lot of that available around here too), we have narrowed down our list to the top 10 things to do in Dusseldorf with the kids during a quick weekend adventure.


Kürbisfest | Fall festivals of Dusseldorf

Pumpkin festival and apple picking filled our busy weekend. Now we have carved pumkpins, apple pie and a new apfelringe recipe for next weekend. Never dull!

Pumpkin festival and apple picking filled weekend October is a busy time in Germany. Between the Pumpkin festival, or Kürbisfest in German and the apple festival over at apfelparadise, and St Martin around the corner, it has been a Fall Festival Filled month. Discovery How exactly does a non-German speaker figure out the local festivals and […]