10 Things to do in Dusseldorf with Kids

10 things to do in dusseldorf with kids

10 Things to do in Dusseldorf with kids

If you are just moving into the area, stretching your legs during a layover or making a weekend of it, Dusseldorf has a little something for everyone. Of all the amazing things to see and do, let alone eat and drink (because there is a lot of that available around here too), we have narrowed down our list to the top 10 things to do in Dusseldorf with the kids during a quick weekend adventure.

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Schloss Benrath 

Schloss Benrath is a Baroque-style maison de plaisance (pleasure palace) in the borough of Benrath. Construction began in 1755 and was completed in 1770. Entrance to the castle is only permitted through a guided tour. English tours run Tuesday thru Sunday at 3 pm, so there isn’t much room for “winging it” with Schloss Benrath, but the wait is definitely worth it.

If a guided tour isn’t what you are looking for, take the time to walk the castle grounds and explore the gardens. There is plenty to see and explore, just watch the children carefully, as there are many water features, including large bodies of water.

10 things to do in dusseldorf with kids

Puppet Theatre at Helmholtzstraße

Especially important in the puppet show on Helmholtzstraße is the interaction with the children. Here the children themselves become actors when they outwit the robber, help the Easter bunny with the Easter business or find lost Christmas gifts together with Kasper. Imagination is important and dreams are allowed.

Puppet theater as a “springboard to the world of theater”

Moreover, it is important that the children are carefully and playfully introduced to the theater. The imaginative pieces offer the children a lively change to their day; the children also do not have to remain silent in front of the screen but become co-designers and important components of the play.

They kindly ask that you call in advance for tickets, email is not possible, and seats are not reserved. They work on a first come, first serve basis “Only the first rows are always reserved for the children so that a good view is guaranteed for every child.”

Wild Park

The idea of a Wild Park is the craziest and more ingenious thing we have ever come across. There are large sections of the park that are fenced off, so the moose or boar can’t hurt the children, but we are still able to stick our hands in and feed them should the animal approach us. There are a handful of doorways into the “free range” area of the park, and fenced all around, where the deer are allowed to roam free and humans are made to walk along a demarcated footpath. We are not allowed to follow the animals passed the path boundaries, this is their safe place.

Many of the deer approach the children a little faster than many would like because they think there is food. Other times, the children approach the deer too quickly and scare them away. Keep an eye on the kids and be sure to pack lots of cut apples and carrots for the animals.

10 things to do in dusseldorf with kids

Indoor skiing hall in Neuss

While not within the city limits, we won’t let that little technicality get in the way of this great experience. As an indoor skiing hall, AllRounder offers all year round skiing opportunities. Just the encouragement you needed to practice your skills before moving on to the good stuff in Austria or Switzerland.

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Konigsalle / Alstadt

Nicknamed  by the locals, the Königsallee is by far Germany’s busiest, upscale shopping street. Until 2009, Dusseldorf was the unofficial Fashion Captial of Germany (losing its title to Berlin). The Ko is lined with the busiest and most expensive shops in the city. While the area is amazing to look at, the price tags are less intriguing for the budget family traveler. Instead, grab a seat at a local cafe and relax while people watching, Germany’s most famous past-time. I jest, it’s football (soccer), but they like to people-watch A LOT.

10 things to do in dusseldorf with kids

After you’re done staring enviously at the passers-by, head over to the Altstadt (Old Town) to do some real shopping, eating and drinking.

The Düsseldorfer Altstadt is known as “the longest bar in the world” (längste Theke der Welt), because the small Old Town has more than 300 bars and discothèques; supposedly, each establishment’s bar-counter connecting to one next door.

Across the street is Schadowstraße, another shopping street in Düsseldorf. Here you will find more high end and mid-level stores, as well as Schadow Arkaden, the German version of a shopping mall. Primark is down this way… we love Primark. 2euro for a pair of bottoms for kids, I would layover and go shopping just for that, but that’s just me.

This "All About Germany" booklet can be used for a very basic country study in lower elementary grades! Each page contains a basic fact and related illustration. All graphics are in an outline format so that it's ready to be colored like a mini-coloring book. This coloring booklet gives all the general/basic information about Germany, including: -German flag -the capital city of Berlin -Popular foods - Architecture -favorite facts

Visit The Schlossturm

The schlossturm is the last remaining part of the City Palace, which burned down in 1882, and is now home to a maritime museum. The harbor around the schlossturm is often decorated is festivals and street vendors. Oktoberfest and Carnival are a huge hit around the Schlossturm, and the Christmas markets cover the whole area as well. This also marks the edge of the alstadt.

10 things to do in dusseldorf with kids

Neanderthal Museum

Located at the site of the first Neanderthal man discovery in the Neandertal valley, it features an exhibit centered on human evolution. In the lower level, they have a special exhibit, which generally lasts 5-6 months. So far we have witnessed a Playmobil exhibit, depicting various stages of human technological developments throughout history, and a Duckomenta – famous paintings and sculptures reimagined with ducks. On display until April 2018 is An ice-age safari; Go on safari in the Europe of the last ice age!

10 things to do in dusseldorf with kids

Read our full review here – Neanderthal Museum

Come To Rest At One Of The Parks

There are hundreds of green spaces throughout the city, that they set the record as owning the largest number of public parks for a major city. Pick one, pack a lunch and have a day of it. Nord Park is our favorite park and is one of the larger parks in Dusseldorf. 

In the north-west corner of the Nordpark, which is also the quietest and most unhurried part of the park, there is a garden jewel of a special kind: the “Japanese Garden on the Rhine”.

10 things to do in dusseldorf with kids


The Aquazoo has been under renovation for the better part of 3 years. Now that it is finally opened to the public, it has become a busy place for field trips and day trips with the kids. Be sure to book tickets in advance to avoid waiting in the queue, and try to avoid public holidays and weekends, if possible. Situated next to Nord Park, pack that picnic basket and make it an adventure.

We also shot our first video as Tapped Out Travellers at the Aquazoo. Check it out.


This area includes everything from the Klemensvertel courtyard to Kaiserwerth Castle and all the goodies in between. There is a cute “Pirate Park” for kids of all ages to play. During May Day (the German version of Labour Day), on May 1, the area is converted into a Biergarten with live concerts throughout the day. You celebrate and the children play all day, what better way to spend the afternoon.

10 things to do in dusseldorf with kids

For a more detailed list of day trips and other things to do in Dusseldorf, check out our 70+ Daytrips from Dusseldorf with kids in mind.  You don’t need to travel far to have a good time with the children.

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10 things to do in dusseldorf with kids