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Guide To Visiting Hamburg With Kids

Your guide to visiting Hamburg with kids at your side. Find out where to stay, where to eat and what to do that will keep them entertained and happy. Check out how to use the Hamburg Card to have the best time while spending the least amount of money.


10 Things I Will and Won’t Miss About Germany

There are many things I will and won’t miss about Germany and the life that we have built here. What do you think? Have any to add?

Germany, oh Germany With our contract coming to an end, and my recent trip to Canada putting this all into perspective, I have started to think about all the things that I will miss about Germany once we have moved. While it was hard to limit it to just 10, we have come up with […]


Munich Night Train to Rome with Kids

night train with kids

Overnight Travel Through Europe We took the night train to Rome during our latest adventure and it was something that we had never thought of doing before. I was afraid the kids would be restless, or too loud for the other passengers, or if we all hated it and were stuck on a 12-hour train […]


OUTCAN Guide Relocation to Germany

Guide to Moving to Germany; a check-list, explanations and resources list to take the worry and stress out of moving to a foreign country.

Moving to Germany | Guide Moving is stressful and the to-do list can go on for days. Moving to another country, across the ocean, that speaks another language, that you have never visited before, and you can see the stress levels rising beyond what you think you able to handle. Rest assured that you can […]


12 of Europe’s Best Museums for kids

All museums are not created equally. It's hard to tell if the kids will enjoy them. These are the Best European Museums for kids.

Best European Museums for Kids All museums are not created equally; some are artistic, some are historical, and some are just odd. It’s hard to tell if the kids will enjoy them, and it’s frustrating when they don’t. As Family Travel Bloggers, we have tried many museums with the kids and we know which ones […]