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Best Packing Tips More Organized + Less Stressed

Traveling can be stressful when you feel like you’re living out of a suitcase. These are my best packing tips to feel more organized + less stressed. These are my travel essentials when I’m packing and how I pack the most into small spaces!


Our Guide to Smart Packing for a RoadTrip

Packing for long distance travel with kids can be daunting especially road trips. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

Failure to plan; is a plan to fail Packing up the kids to drive to the grocery store can be hard enough; packing them up for a 2-week road trip can sound like a nightmare before any planning has even taken place. We have done several short and a handful of longer road trips; some […]


18 Travel Gadgets That Are Too Cool To Resist

Here are 20 cool travel gadgets ready to make your trips safer, easier, or simply more enjoyable. Be it clean clothes or beach parties.

Travel Gadgets That Are Too Cool To Resist Some of this is just too fun to miss, others add extra convenience to your travels, can save you time and money, and give your trips a technology boost. You’ve got us: we’re talking about travel gadgets! The advances in materials have forever changed our world and the […]


You Will Not Believe My Experience Booking KLM With Children

KLM with children Booking and managing your booking with a major airline company shouldn’t be an arduous task. I expect the airlines to work with me in answering my millions of questions, in order to avoid problems at the gate or on the plane. I expect airline representatives on the phone, social media or in […]