10 Great Gift Ideas for that Hard to Shop for Traveler in Your Life

If you are anything like me, you hate buying throw-away gifts for others. Something completely useless and thoughtless, that you might as well have not bought them anything at all. Why did a bottle of wine suddenly become unacceptable as a present?

There will undoubtedly be hard-to-buy-for people in your life. They have no idea what they want, they buy everything they want right away (leaving nothing left for others to buy) or already have everything.

This is a list of unique, useless and thoughtful gifts for People Who Are Impossible to Buy For.

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1. Moon Lamp

The glow gives off just enough light to let you see in the room but yet doesn’t keep you awake. The lamp charges within about 10 minutes via USB. A single charge works for 2 nights.

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2. Camera Lens Cup

Who doesn’t love making other people uncomfortable while getting in a good chuckle? This  Camera Lens cup is sure to spark its fair share of conversations. Maybe even brighten up the office.

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3. Photography Crystal ball

Spice up your Instagram account with a few of these images sprinkled throughout. Its large size allows you to manipulate the ball easier to capture the perfect shot. It comes with a protective carry case as well as polishing cloth & stand to ensure this product will last you a long time.

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4. Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

Everyone knows that the edge of a brownie is the best part. Why argue about who is having the edge piece when everyone can have the edge piece!

“But Christine, what does making amazing brownies have to do with traveling?!”

Roadtrip food, my friend. Everyone needs that snack to tie them over until the next rest stop. Or the long wait going through security and the kids suddenly realize they are starving. Always have snacks on hand.


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5. Indoor Smart Fresh Herb Garden Kit 

Traveling can make owning anything difficult, especially when those things require constant attention. Start small and get an indoor herb garden for the person that has everything. It will take their cooking to the next level; and if they can’t cook, then maybe this is the kick in the pants they need to learn a new skill. Everyone loves a good cook.

And if they are really into indoor gardening, check out Greenhouse Fanatics guide to gardening for beginners. It helps calm the nerves between vacations.

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6. KinderPerfect

I have always wanted to try Cards Against Humanity but some of the youtube videos and stories from way-cooler friends have me shy from making the purchase. Some of the phrases are crasser than I imagined they would be and I am not nearly clever enough to form my own unique phrases. Kinderperfect is everything parents are thinking of and desperately wanting to say.

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7. This One Time, I…..:

Ever wanted to hear those crazy stories from your parent’s youth or your BFF’s gap year in South America but never knew how to ask. Now you don’t have to, just let the cards ask and watch them all cringe as they are forced to confess.

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8. Laundry Nook

It may not be glamorous but it is practical and every traveler would love to have one. No more laundry pile on the floor because the plastic bag the hotel leaves you is barely large enough to fit a sock.

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9. Portable Sewing Machine

One misstep and there go your favorite pants. And since we are all light-packers, we didn’t bring enough to cover for this scenario. Bring this guy along and all will be saved – of course, if you have it, you won’t need it. Which is the best the better option?

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10. Portable Luggage System

I can keep my things sorted, and still pack a carry-on only? Sign me up. I love my packing cubes, don’t get me wrong. When a family of 4 can fit a week’s worth of clothes in a single hiking backpack, there is no going back. But for business trips and couples-only vacations where I don’t want to iron out his shirts, this is the perfect little gadget.

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