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Electronics Ban on Direct Flights from 10 Muslim Countries by USA and UK

The new Electronics Ban in the USA and UK airspace; how will it affect you and why are they doing this? Has anyone thought of the children?

Electronics Ban There has been a lot of questions and complains regarding the new Electronics Ban in American and British airspace. While we are all up in arms about the ban itself, what prompted such a decision and how will it really affect you? Terrorism Threat The USA intelligence agency shares most of its information with Allied […]


Visa-free travel : Ending for Americans travelling the EU this summer?

In a world of endless travel and wanderlust, there is a give-and-take policy between countries in order to gain Visa-free for access for American citizens

Visa-free travel for American Citizens There comes a time when every citizen needs to look up to their government and question what is going on in the world. Recently, many American citizens have been the victims of retaliation against the American Governments polices towards immigration and visa applications. Myself, a loud and proud Canadian, have been verbally […]