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When deciding which European city to spend the holidays, it wasn't a question. As avid Doctor Who fans, we had to do London for Christmas 0

Landing in London for Christmas

London for Christmas If you have ever heard of Doctor Who, you will recognize the running joke of  “London for Christmas”. Each Christmas special is a different set of events that has terrorized the...

Day 2 of our wild Christmas vacation in London. Did someone say M&M store? Christmas Eve in London was not at all what we expected 1

Christmas Eve in London

Christmas Eve in London Landing in London was the easy part. Now we had to navigate the not so friendly holiday schedule for both the metro and the various London attractions before they closed...

Like true Whovians, we spent Christmas in London and needed to visit Cardiff. Here is our amazing time at Cardiff Castle and Doctor Who Experience 0

Cardiff, Wales before Christmas 

Cardiff, Wales This year, being our first Christmas in Europe and me being about 5 months pregnant, we wanted to do something special for just the three of us. We decided to have “Christmas...