Fields of Gold B&B Ypres, Belgium

Cute little B&B inside the historic town of Ypres, Belgium. Fields of Gold is truly a retreat.

Accommodations in Ypres, Belgium

After finding out that we had been approved for tickets to the Vimy Ridge Battlefield 100th Anniversary Memorial in April, I scurried to find accommodations and weekend plans for the family. Vimy is 400 km from us so it wasn’t exactly a day trip. Needing to be at the shuttle pick up for 10 am meant we couldn’t be far from it that morning, and after spending all day in the sun with the kids, we didn’t want to spend the night too far away either. Keeping on the historical WW1 trend, we decided to visit Ypres the next morning, and considering we would be arriving so late in the evening and didn’t want to stay too far away from the historic center. I didn’t have too many options in terms of budget-friendly hotels but I did manage to find one; this adorable little B&B called Fields of Gold

Cute little B&B inside the historic town of Ypres, Belgium. Fields of Gold is truly a retreat.

B&B Fields of Gold

The beautiful Fields of Gold apartment is a B&B and health shop. When first entering the building, the shop is on the left and the apartments are through these amazing doors straight ahead. There isn’t a lift so I was glad that we had only brought the bare minimum. We had rucksacks so we only needed the one trip up the 3 flights of stairs in order to reach our room. This included the wonderful Natalie, the owner, helping us carry the Travel Cot, while we lugged the little ones upstairs.

Cute little B&B inside the historic town of Ypres, Belgium. Fields of Gold is truly a retreat.

This is what we saw when we first opened the door… I was floored. This room is AMAZING! It smelled great too. Natalie had used the essential oils from her shop around the whole apartment, in strategic places. I am not an essential oils person, as I am not a fan of scents in any shape or form, but this was great. We were dead tired from our long day at the Vimy Ridge Battlefield 100th Anniversary Memorial and it was around 9 pm by this point so the oils, the lighting, the beautiful looking bed, just helped me relax.

Cute little B&B inside the historic town of Ypres, Belgium. Fields of Gold is truly a retreat.

As you can see, the room has everything. It isn’t exactly made for kids, in that the giant walk in shower doesn’t have a door, or the claw-foot tub is smack in the middle of the room, but we have little one’s so we haven’t known privacy in years. I felt like this is the same general situation as a hotel room (the toilet has a door, don’t worry), but a much nicer, larger space. I would definitely recommend this room for other travelers with small children.

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On the plus side, since there are 3 other rooms available at the B&B, two of which are on the second floor, larger families or families with older kids are welcome to purchase two rooms across the hall from each other – or mom and dad get this amazing suite, aptly named “Queen of Heaven”, while the kiddos get the room downstairs. Ah, privacy.

Cute little B&B inside the historic town of Ypres, Belgium. Fields of Gold is truly a retreat.


The room does not have a baby bed option, unfortunately.  There was a spare mattress available for the Munchkin but we had already brought up his cot. The baby ended up co-sleeping; the bed is King-size so there was more than enough room for her. Like I said, not exactly made for little ones, but we adapted and the location was amazing.

Last little thing I want to mention; the room has a built-in sound system. It was crazy. We played a little something to calm the kids down for bed and there are so many channels to choose from. Although on the negative side, I’m pretty sure hubby wants to buy one now so, there is that.

Bottom line

If you ever find yourself in or near Ypres, I strongly suggest you give B&B Fields of Gold a ring. They do not serve breakfast on Mondays or Tuesdays, but that is so they can have breakfast as a family – how sweet is that?! At a cool 300 meters from the Flanders Field Museum, it is in the perfect location for privacy, and historic touring.

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