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Conquering Spain on a budget – with kids

When it comes to a summer holiday with children, there is probably not a better place on the planet than southern Spain. Ok….Disney World in Orlando and Euro Disney in Paris may have more appeal to the little ones, but have you seen how much it costs? A family holiday in the south of Spain […]


Spectacular Flower Carpet | Le Tapis de Fleur of Brussels, Belgium

Tapis de Fleur Bruxelles | Carpet of Flowers Brussels The event itself is created every 2 years in the Brussels Main Square since its inception in 1971.  The tradition began when landscape architect E. Stautemans was inspired by smaller Flemish cities’ carpets.  The 2014 Brussels Carpet of Flowers was created as a tribute to the […]


Toughest Things About Traveling in Europe with Kids

Traveling in Europe with kids may seem like a dream come true, but are there any setbacks? While Europe isn’t exactly secluded, it is a very old continent. Most of the infrastructure has been around for centuries, and have not caught up with the demand of high tourism (or tourism in general). There are things to considering when attempting to travel in Europe with kids.


Guide To Visiting Hamburg With Kids

Your guide to visiting Hamburg with kids at your side. Find out where to stay, where to eat and what to do that will keep them entertained and happy. Check out how to use the Hamburg Card to have the best time while spending the least amount of money.

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