Canada’s National Museums Passport

Canada’s National Museums Passport. Experience 3 museums in 3 days for 30% off

Experience Culture in the Capital – 3 Museums in 3 Days!

As Canada’s capital, Ottawa has a substantial amount of history and culture that can captivate a new tourist or even the most experienced traveller.

The myriad of museums and galleries offer a glimpse into everything from Canada’s social and military history, to buildings that house impressive aircraft collections and explain technological breakthroughs, to astounding natural wonders and world-class art.

Seven national museums located in Ottawa–Gatineau are part of Canada’s National Museums Passport.

The National Museums Passport can be purchased at the museums listed above or at the Capital Information Kiosk (90 Wellington St.) for $35 CDN.
 Each child (17 and under) accompanying the passport holder gets a 30% discount off child/student admission at each museum. You can learn more about the passport here:

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Canada’s National Museums Passport. Experience 3 museums in 3 days for 30% off
Bet - April 2, 2019

I’m actually visiting Ottawa in April this year and I was looking for some interesting places to visit during my stay. 3 museums in 3 days sound like a great deal, and I might visit all of them during my trip.

    Christine Leger - April 2, 2019

    That sounds amazing. If you have any questions, be sure to follow us on Facebook and feel free to ask questions. It’s only been a few months but we have explored a fair amount of the city.

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