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An Insider’s Guide to things to do in Toronto.

I absolutely hate it when people ask me what’s my favourite thing to do or see in Toronto. As a travel blogger, it’s the equivalent of asking me what’s my favourite destination – and trust me I get asked that question a lot. I usually respond with the same well-rehearsed piece about being open minded, […]


Adventures With Kids In Beautiful British Columbia

by World Adventurists We’re always quick to jump province and take our adventures elsewhere, which is why this last New Years we made a resolution to explore more of beautiful British Columbia, and Canada as a whole. Though going on a trip to far off places is always very exciting and quite the thrill, there is […]


Afternoon Tea at Chateau Laurier

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting my mom in Ottawa as the first house-guest since we moved to Ottawa. We took this opportunity to get our daughter’s ears pierced and celebrate with High Tea. We have never been to High Tea while in Europe. It really is a British thing and we hadn’t […]


Top 10 Things to do in Kingston, Ontario

      Did you know Kingston was Canada’s first capital?  Or that locals call their city the Limestone City?  If you’ve never visited Kingston Ontario you’re missing out on a beautiful waterfront city with a small town feel. I’ve lived in Kingston all my adult life and I’m still discovering its charms.  Now that I […]


Canada Science and Technology Museum

The Canada Science and Technology Museum provides a highly digital experience for the whole family – igniting visitors with a passion for science and inspiring the next generation of Canadian innovators.

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