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Top things to do in Milan

Milan is one of the most famous tourist attractions while you are traveling to Italy. It is the most populated and metropolitan location which is well known for the business bustle, banking, and fashion. This city has some alluring sights which are must to visit once in a lifetime. Milan offers a lot of things […]


5 Day Guide Rome with Kids

5 Day Guide Rome. Do you wnat to see it all in Rome? How long do you really need? Rome in order to see it all? Some would say 24 hours?

Planning a trip to Rome, Italy? From visiting the iconic Colosseum to making a wish at the Trevi Fountain, here are the best things to do in Rome for first timers. 5 Day Guide Rome.


The Colosseum with Kids: OVEROME TOURS

A private guided tour of the Colosseum can come with a price tag, but when traveling Rome with kids some things just need to be done

Tour of the Colosseum On our second full day in Rome, we spent the morning at the Colosseum with OVEROME TOURS¬†for a private guided tour of the Colosseum and surrounding area. This was important to us, as we wanted to have the kids entertained and educated while we toured. I wasn’t interested in rushing this […]


Munich Night Train to Rome with Kids

night train with kids

Overnight Travel Through Europe We took the night train to Rome during our latest adventure and it was something that we had never thought of doing before. I was afraid the kids would be restless, or too loud for the other passengers, or if we all hated it and were stuck on a 12-hour train […]