Best Free Things To Do in Ottawa With Kids

Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids

Visiting Ottawa doesn’t have to cost a lot. If you are searching for free stuff to do in Ottawa and cheap ways to explore Canada’s Capital City without putting a strain on your travel budget, we have listed few ways to enjoy the best of Ottawa for free or on a low budget that includes free admission to Ottawa’s museums.

AND if you need free fun family activities to do in Ottawa – a list of great family activities that can be done free of charge are listed too.

Here are 10 of the best free things to do in Ottawa with kids.

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Visit the Parliament buildings

While Centre Block and the Peace Tower is being refurbished, they will not be holding tours. However, guests can still visit the Senate buildings, the East and West Blocks, where the government is currently being held in the meantime.

Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids

Watch the changing of the guard on Parliament Hill.

Every morning at 10:00 a.m. from June 23 to August 24, 2019, Parliament Hill will host Canada’s very own Changing of the Guard. This is a great experience for the kids and a terrific excuse to get everyone downtown early and explore the surrounding area.

Have a beach day

The beaches officially open at noon, but that is only when the lifeguards take their posts. Anytime before then, the beaches are open for use at your own risk.

We prefer visiting during this time, as they are less crowded and the sun isn’t at its peak. Around 1 pm is when we will start to head home and thinking about lunch.

Westboro Beach is the only one we have seen so far that doesn’t charge for parking.

Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids

There are more than 10 beaches in Ottawa and the surrounding areas which are open for free family fun from mid-June till the end of August. Don’t forget the sand toys, lawn chairs, and something to offer a little shade for delicate skin.

  • Britannia Beach: 2805 Carling Avenue, 613-820-1211
  • Mooney’s Bay Beach: 3000 Riverside Drive, 613-248-0863
  • Westboro Beach: 234 Atlantis Road at Kitchissippi Lookout, 613-792-3832
  • Petrie Island Beach: 727 Trim Road, 613-824-5704

Splash pads and wadding pools

There are countless splash pads and wadding pools around the city. Most of them are easily accessible, free parking and free admission.

They are a great way to release some energy, get the kids wet, and stay cool in the summer heat. Most splash pads also have a park next door so there is plenty to do when the kids have decided they are done with the water games.

Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids
Millenium Park and Splash Pad

Ottawa public library

It’s free to sign up and free to visit. Spend an hour or so visiting your local library and read a few books on their benches.

There are colouring stations and puppet theatres available for the children to play with as well.

Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids

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Tour a museum for free.

Some museums are free on certain days/evenings

Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids

Although museums in the city can be expensive most do offer free hours or evenings during the week, see below for the free admission times at these top Ottawa museums:

Play at Hogs Back Park

Hogs Back is a fun little area with hiking trails, bike trails, and a man-made waterfall. The kids will love being free to walk at their own pace, not bothered by cars. And the view is incredible. Did I mention the free parking?

Water Falls. In the City. Who Knew?

Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids

Tour Rideau Hall.

Rideau Hall was one of my favorite museums to tour with the kids. Not only is it free, but there is a cute playground at the front for the kids to play in.

The tour is about 1 hour long, again, it’s free. The tour guide was able to give them a fun scavenger hunt to grab their attention. And since the tours leave every 15 minutes, you don’t have to tour with people you don’t want to tour with; so if you don’t think others will appreciate being stuck with your wiggly worm for an hour, let them go ahead and catch the next tour all to yourself.

Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids

Enjoy festivals galore.

Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids

Ottawa hosts a plethora of free events throughout the year. Including these top cultural and musical events:

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a free bilingual show presented nightly on Parliament Hill from July 9 to September 3, 2018. Showtimes in July at 10:00 p.m., in August at 9:30 p.m., and in September at 9:00 p.m. The show lasts about 30 minutes.

Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids

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Best Things To Do in Ottawa, Canada with Kids