St. Maxime, Cote D’Azur

On our 2nd full day on the riviera, we decided to go to St. Maxime and check out the Aquascope, taking les Bateaux verts, the only ferry to cross the Golf

Half-day trip across the Golfe        On our second full day on the riviera, Monday morning, we decided to go to St. Maxime and check out the aquascope. les Bateaux verts, the only ferry to traverse the Golf, is at the captainaire to the left of the entrance to Port Grimaud. We went right, […]


Grimaud Village

Hot, Humid and Hungry I often joke with my hubby that maps of Europe are not to scale. Since we have been together for almost 10 years, he knows I am not that stupid. Because Europe is so dense, things are zoomed in and appear further away than they actually are (until you look at […]


French Riviera 

Vacation of a Lifetime     I have been dreaming about visiting the Mediterranean since my honeymoon when we visited the Caribbean. When the opportunity came along to spend a week at a chalet in Port Grimaud, the centre of the Golfe de St. Tropez, we jumped on it, despite being 6 months pregnant at […]


Paris With Kids

A milestone birthday, what better way to go all out! How about a trip to Paris, explore the sites and visit The Louvre. To Paris Kids .


Port Grimaud

The artificial port of Port Grimaud is home to many tourists, boating companies and markets. There is a reason it is called Little Venice. I believe it.

The Artificial Port  While on vacation, we decided to take a few day trips around the area; notable to St Maxime and Grimaud Village.  There is something is something to be said, however, for having a lazy day at the market, and just relaxing on the beach. That was this day; we walked across the resort […]


Touring Lake Geneva with kids

Family road trip to snow Like any good budget traveller, when we found out that we had an opportunity to spend a week in  Switzerland at a discounted price, we jumped on it. We didn’t actually expect to win, but we did. This is when stuff got real. I hadn’t researched much on Switzerland before […]


Amsterdam with Kids, Visiting the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Most Beautiful Garden in the World My mom came to visit for a week so I took the opportunity to take her on a little trip to the Netherlands. We took the train up, mainly because I don’t have access to a car while hubby works but also because I love taking the train; just […]


4 Steps to Getting Baby her Canadian Citizenship

The last thing you want to do is fumble over paperwork when trying to adjust to life with a new baby, in a new country. My lessons on getting citizenship.

Birthing isn’t the only thing that you need to plan When we first moved to Germany, we had decided not to have more children. Luck had it that while we were having this discussion, I was already 3 weeks pregnant and didn’t know it. Shortly thereafter, when the initial shock wore off, we started looking into […]