A weekend in Amsterdam with Kids

There are several options for day trips from Amsterdam by train, we have done 3 in 4 days and we couldn't have asked for a better itinerary.

7 Days in Amsterdam with kids When your time in Europe is limited, you want to find the perfect city as your hub and plan as many day trips as possible, while not burning out or missing anything. That’s a lot to ask of a city. While many of the larger capitals in Europe would […]


Harry Potter – The Exhibition in Brussels, Belgium with Kids

The family friendly Harry Potter exhibition was in Brussels during our latest vacation and I just HAD to see it. This is my review

What’s in an Expo anyway I wasn’t sure what to expect at a Harry Potter expo. I’m a huge fan of the movies, though I have yet to carve out the time to read the books, and I scarcely remember seeing David Tennant play a role in the movie until someone told me ( Super Huge Whovian!!). […]


Tips for breastfeeding Mums who travel with their kids

Breastfeeding while traveling doesn't have to be scary, stressful or a royal pain. Learn how we adapt and move on, in public or in private

Breastfeeding while traveling Breastfeeding doesn’t take a break just because you are traveling. Baby still requires food, I still require relief and if we are being specific, breastfeeding is the ultimate budget friendly source of nutrients for your growing little one. Breastfeeding while traveling can be a chore, mainly because mom and baby doesn’t have the […]


Duisburg Zoo

Day trip to Duisburg Zoo As you may recall, I reviewed the Duisburg Zoo way back when we first moved to Germany, 2 years ago. While the Zoo hasn’t changed much, our family has and our traveling style has as well. Annual pass This will be the second year we purchase the annual pass, and […]