Road Trip through the Canadian Rockies

Rocky’s, Banff and Jasper! by The Globetrotting Teacher The Rocky Mountains in Canada stand strong and sparkle with their snow-capped peaks. The mountains, along with glacier-fed, turquoise lakes and evergreen alpine forests, compete for your senses while swiftly stealing your heart. My trip to the Canadian Rockies was sudden, and without the usual time I […]


Our Travel Guide to 48 Hours in Berlin

48 hours in the German capital Berlin, including travel time, with 3 under 4 years old, 6 adults and one working cell phone. Let the games Begin!

Berlin | Party of 9       The road to Berlin. The whole family visited for Christmas; traveling 6200 km for an exorbitant amount of money. This increased the population of my house from four to nine for 7 days, I was determined to make it special. Our schedule gave us 3 days to visit a city to include […]


Weekend Sightseeing in Luxembourg with Kids

  What to see in Luxembourg with Kids        Two weeks ago Friday was Halloween, and therefore the next day was All Saints day. This isn’t something that we celebrate in Canada so it took me by surprise when a fellow mom on Facebook reminded us all that Germany was closed on Saturday. Since […]


Prairies de La Mer

The resort itself is called Prairie de La Mer and it is a series of mobile homes owned and managed by various companies.

Beach resort at its finest The resort itself is called Prairie de La Mer and it is a series of mobile homes owned and managed by various companies. We stayed with BJ Riviera holidays. The Chalet The home was not very large, but it wasn’t that expensive either, considering where we were. One master bedroom […]


Christmas in London, with kids

London in 6 days! On paper she can seem overwhelming, but follow this itinerary to get the best chance at a peaceful vacation with the kids.

Christmas in London Itinerary With kids: London is one of the worlds great city’s and can leave you overwhelmed. Learn what’s open and what to do on Christmas day in London with kids


Schloss Drachenberg


Dragon Castle With the hubby often away, it is nice to have a short list of day trips that are both child friendly and single parents friendly. According to many google searches and friends’ experience, I decided to visit Schloss Drachenberg on a Saturday morning, via the train. 1.5 hrs after leaving the house, we […]