The 10 Best German Christmas Markets in Germany

The best German #Christmas Markets

As locations around the world cool down the closer we get to the holidays, celebrations inevitably begin to heat up. And while other countries draw crowds for their traditions, no one does Christmas quite like Germany. Here are ten of the country’s can’t-miss markets.


Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa

Not everything about a coffee shop is about the taste of the coffee; sure, that’s important, but so is the atmosphere, the location and the quality of everything else on the menu.


10 Reasons Why NOT to Quit Your Job to Travel the World

  Many will tell you why you should take that gap year and travel before retirement, least youth be wasted on the young. Quit your job and see the world while you still can. Today, we are doing the opposite. Showcasing all the reasons why quitting your job before retirement to travel the world is a […]


Looking for a Handy Portable Travel Car Seat? Try mifold!

Portable Car Seat For Travel Found yourself planning a vacation and realize you need to rent a car? Or hire a taxi? How will the little ones legally sit in the car? You can rent a car seat from the dealership (heaven knows how often they have been cleaned, if they have expired, or been […]


Casa Loma in Toronto with kids

Casa Loma is one of Canada's few 'castles' and her unique style has made her even more popular for filming locations and as a tourist destination

Casa Loma is one of Canada’s few ‘castles’ with its unique style it has become a popular Toronto filming location and a relaxing Instagram friendly tourist destination.